Monday, July 29, 2013

Vodafone Vnap Net buster trick Working July/August 2013

After a short break is back again with a bang on UDP Tricks. our previously shared BSNL UDP BBM Trick which have satisfied most of the Teach-Today user’s and now here is another Vodafone Vnap Buster Trick specially for northern and Delhi user’s. We can’t predict this Vodafone UDP trick for august 2013 will work in every state or not as this is only tested in Northern region. Just follow the easiest instructions to connect with a PC based handler: Vnap Net Buster Pro to tweak your Vodafone 3G!
Vodafone TCP tricks were working in the last year and after that some tricks on Vodafone were still working but was not disclosed by the senior members. The Vodafone Vnap Net Buster trick is  revealed, it has been confirmed Working in Delhi and northern states.  This trick will give you super fast speed (UDP) using the PC handler: Vnap Net Buster Pro

Vodafone Vnap Net buster trick is Confirmed Working in Delhi and Northern States. 

Benefits of Vodafone Vnap Buster Trick

  • Based on PC handler App with torrents Support
  • based on front and back query
  • can be also used in mobile phones and smartphone using Handler application
  • High Speed 3G trick with more faster speed than any UDP trick
  • APN to be used is: Portalnmms
  • you need to keep minimum 1 Rs balance (No Balance deduction at all)
  • No need to register like VPN tricks and No Disconnection issue

How to setup Vodafone Vnap Buster Trick :

here comes to tutorial for tweaking with Vnap Buster and Voda SIM. Vnap Net Buster pro is a PC Application  which works on Microsoft .NET framework. hence make sure .NET framework is installed on your system.
  • At First Download the Vodafone Net Buster Trick and Install it.
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  • make sure you have .NET framework installed on your PC.
  • Now Set default access point on your Vodafone SIM as: Portalnmms
  • Now launch VnapNet Buster pro from Desktop and select the given Vodafone Config for Vnap.
  • All the front and back query is loaded in the Vnap Profile
  • Just Hit connect button and you are done
  • It will be connected Instantly, Minimize Vnap and Browse or Download at full 3G Speed.
If in case you are facing difficulties in setting up this trick, then do leave your message. And at last its better to try this Vodafone VNAP net Buster trick on your own Instead of asking, which State and which country ;-) and do-do Like US on Facebook, to keep yourself Updated.

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